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My story

I grew up in a guesthouse culture on the coast of Brittany.


Surrounded by beautiful linen, I always liked anything about interior design. As far as I can remember, I drew a lot and I developped my passion about stitching. In 1988, I became a fashion designer and a model maker at ESMOD Fashion school in Paris, but crafts were more part of my philosophy of life. Ten years later, I decided to go to the Ecole Boulle to take the upholsterer decorator training course.


On the lookout for the trend, I have learnt the ropes with linen designers, as "Blanc d’Ivoire". When I came back in Brittany, in 2000, I created my own decoration and household linen shop. I have worked in my shop "Le Rêve d'Hortense" and I have decorated interiors of beautiful old houses on the Emerald Coast for 10 years in Dinard.


Curious, I feel like an eternal student. I travelled for 4 years, in Asia and USA.
What do I really like ?

To improve my knowledge and my skills about linen, I have discovered linen weaving with native americans, crochet with Shakers from New Hampshire, dye with Yanis, a lovely egyptian who taught me batik in Bali, tie&dye, block printing, linen printing, silkscreen printing in Thailand.


I really want to tell you about the history of each beach.

Now, I am back in St Cast, in my family house, an holiday villa dating from the end of the 19th century. I installed my workshop and created my brand "PLAGES ETC" in 2018. This is where I can welcome you on the afternoon. You will maybe find the name of your beach printed on a cushion or a duvet... and if not, we can create it together.

To create my patches, I take my inspiration from old stories and forgotten traditions. My creations are an invitation to travel, to allow you to get back on your paths and discover new horizons.


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